RUFOISM Born in Cantù in 1970, he lives, paints and plays in a rock ’n’ roll band in Bologna.

In 1993 he started a collaboration with Galleria Poleschi Arte in Lucca and Milan. In 1999 he exhibited at Teatro Massimo in Palermo and, after few months, in Arte in cornice gallery in Turin. In 2004 he began to collaborate with Montrasio gallery in Milan and Monza. In 2007 he exhibited his paintings and watercolors on paper in a solo show in the historical venue of Galleria Montrasio in via Brera in Milan. In the same year, together with his friend painter Nicola Villa, he moved to New York for the project “Harlem Studio Fellowship” conceived by Raffaele Bedarida and Ruggero Montrasio. In 2010 his big solo show, “Bestiario Umano”, took place at Palazzo del Broletto in Como; “Piccolo Bestiario Umano” was exhibited at Galleria il Punto in Bologna. In October 2015 he exhibited his digital drawings in a solo show at Harlem Room – Montrasio Arte in Milan. In November 2015 he exhibited his works on paper and canvas at GALLLERIAPIÙ in Bologna in the solo show “Psycodrammi” and in summer 2016 at Museo Civico delle Cappuccine di Bagnacavallo (RA) in the solo show “Cani sciolti”, both curated by Chiara Gatti. Selected group shows: in 1998 “Omaggi a Giorgio Morandi” (Grizzana) and “Grandi Formati”, Galleria Poleschi (Milan); in 2002 “Il Cuore: Arte, Scienza e tecnologia”, Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta (Milan); in 2007 “SerrOne: Biennale Giovani”, Serrone della Villa Reale (Monza) where he won the Jury Award; in 2008 XXIV Rassegna Internazionale Giovanni Segantini (Nova Milanese); in 2009 “44 Gatti d’autore”, Ca’ la Ghironda (Bologna); in 2012 Scope Art Basel with OltreDimore gallery; in 2014 “Muse inquietanti ritratte da uomini inquieti”, Galleria Morone in Milan; in 2017 “Segnali di guerra”, Museo della Storia in Trento; “Bologna ft. Harlem”, organized by Montrasio gallery at Spazio Menomale in Bologna and “ASINCRONO • artists in dialogue”, Montrasio gallery in Monza; in 2018 “Esprit Decadentisme. Ermeneutica di un parnassianesimo contemporaneo” curated by Alberto Gross and Edoardo Battistin, Fondantico (Bologna) and “ERO-TIC”, Menomale (Bologna); in 2018 “Ero-Tic”, Gallery 8- Fondoantico, (London)

He exhibited his works at Arte Fiera (Bologna), Artissima (Turin) and Miart (Milan) in different editions, since 1995 onwards. In 2017 he took part in Arte Fiera Bologna with OltreDimore gallery with the solo show “Spaventapasseri in Giro” curated by Chiara Gatti. Enrico Mascelloni, Dino Carlesi, Nicola Miceli, Chiara Gatti and Marco Mancassola wrote about him, among the others. In 2011 he was appointed as emerging artist on Art Journal.


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