Lorenzo Mazza graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on the Futurist Theatre and Scenography. His thesis supervisor was one of the most authoritative Italian art critics, Mario De Micheli, with whom he had the opportunity to focus on his talent for painting.

As a young illustrator and graphic designer, Mazza drew some record covers which were published in an international catalogue by Mazzotta and later shown in an exhibition in the 70s.

Mazza went on abstract painting and showed his works in exhibitions out of the official channels, until 1986 when he was invited to the XXX Biennale of Milan at the Permanente Museum.

In 1986 he also started to work with the Galleria delle Ore in Milan, where he had the opportunity to meet some renowed artists of the Italian art scene.

Thanks to the Permanente he was invited to an exhibition in Germany and then at the Pemanente Museum, dedicated to seven young artists of the new generation (Mazzotta catalogue). In the same year, for Fifa World Championship 1990, he did the animated graphics of the Eurovision in Rome, at the Italian broadcasting R.A.I. studios.

Mazza realized also a series of artworks for the jazz concerts of the City of Milan (Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, Keith Jarrett and many others not less famous), the image for theatre musical Helzapoppin directed by the Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores and signed the image of the songwriter Fabrizio De Andre’s last Italy tour.

His paintings were shown in Germany during the celebrations of Weimer as Cultural European Capital.

Up to now he has taken part in over seventy exhibitions. Several critics and poets have written about him. His works are in public and private international collections.

Art Galleries of Milan and London support his work.

His paintings are often used on cinema and TV sets, in commercials and in fashion; they can often be seen on interior design magazine covers.


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