Alfredo Casali was born in Piacenza in 1955. After various artistic ex- periences ranging from painting to visual poetry, and up to philosophi- cal studies (under the guide of Luciano Anceschi, in the Bologna of the 1970s), he finally arrived at a language based on a few archetypal ele- ments repeating themselves throughout various cycles of works. Houses, tables, trees, clouds and blackboards: these are the permanent referen- ces of a rarefied and essential poetics. Giovanni Fumagalli was among the first to notice and appreciate Casali’s work, and invites him to join the artists of the legendary Galleria delle Ore, in Milan. In 1993 he was invited to exhibit in the XXXII Milan Art Biennale and in the III Cremona Art Biennale; he was back in Cremona in 1999, for the VI edition.

He has held several exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, including the 2011 solo exhibition at the San Fedele Cultural Centre, Milan, the participation in an exhibition on International Abstraction at Mendrisio Art Museum, and the collective exhibitions Sogno e Confine. Casali, Cemak, Folon e Giacomelli, held in 2012 at Galleria Biffi, Piacenza, and La natura obliqua. Alfredo Casali, Angelo Del Bon, Mario Giacomelli, held at Il Chiostro arte contemporanea, Saronno, in February 2014. In the same year, an important solo exhibition was held at Galleria Ceri- belli, Bergamo, followed by the solo exhibition Racconti sospesi at Stu- dio d’Arte del Lauro, Milan, in September 2016. In 2017 he presented the exhibition Una questione di numeri at Cristina Moregola Gallery in Busto Arsizio.


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