Born in Brescia in 1953. His forms Brera Academy as a painter; in 1981 he began taking shape, just one year later (1982), the first exhibition of sculptures at the Gallery of Engraving of Brescia. In ’92 / 93 the Beychevelle Academy for Contemporary Art invites him to live and work in Chateau Beychevelle. In France, the sculptor created a large terracotta depicting the Allegory of Justice, with whom he won the Grand Prix Ch√Ęteau Beychevelle 1993.

In 1996 he was invited to the XII Quadrennial Art of Rome, on this occasion the Chamber of Deputies buy one of his works. The following year he was awarded the Chamber of Deputies Prize and opens a solo exhibition at Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome. That same year, the Principality of Monaco buy two of his large bronze sculptures, exhibited at the VI Biennale of Montecarlo Sculpture.
In 2000 he made a monumental bronze sculpture titled Men, for the entrance of Nagoya dolphins in Japan.
In summer 2005 the Cloister of Bramante in Rome hosts a major exhibition of the artist with sixty polychrome bronze sculptures curated by Italian Factory. The same exhibition will be inaugurated at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia in February 2006.
Following numerous national and international exhibitions is currently present at the Venice Biennale (54th International Art Exhibition, Italian Pavilion, Arsenale).
The protagonist of Bergomi’s work is the human figure has always been a central theme of his work: his wife and daughters, inspiring subjects of his poetry, belong to its daily high monument of human feelings. The realism of Bergomi reveals clean language and measured, the result of a slow and meticulous work aimed to purify the image from any superfluous details.

Many art critics have written texts on his work, including: Elvira Cassa Salvi, Milena Milani, Marisa Volpi, Valerio Terraroli, Elena Pontiggia, Roberto Tassi, Marco Vallora, Fabio Benzi, Furio Colombo, Pia Fontana, Giorgio Soavi, Mario Botta, Vittorio Sgarbi, Marco Di Capua, Philippe Daverio, Fabrizio Dentice, Alessandro Riva, Duccio Trombadori, Lea Mattarella, Mauro Corradini, Edward Lucie-Smith, Fausto Lorenzi, Chiara Gatti, Giuseppe Cordoni, Alessandra Frosini, Marisa Volpi, Lara Vinca Masini, Claudio Rizzo, Brigitte Bouret, Tino Bino, Adelaide L. Corbetta.


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